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6 September 2017

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of the eighth Sgt. Dunn novel, Sword of Ice. Available on Amazon.com

Sword of Ice


The Nazis are up to something. This is not news, but the location is. What are they doing on an island above the Arctic Circle? The truth lies with Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, head of the dreaded SS, who is a fervent believer in Germany’s ancient Aryan myths and history. A creative German archaeologist discovers the location of something powerful and valuable. Himmler dreams of presenting it to Hitler in the full belief it will change the course of the war. He sends an SS expedition to the island to retrieve it for the glory of the Fatherland. 

The Allies discover the island is occupied, but don’t know why the Nazis are there. Enter U.S. Army Sgt. Tom Dunn and his squad of lethal Rangers. He leads his squad through frigid, miserable Arctic survival training before tackling the Germans on the Arctic island thousands of miles from anywhere. 

Meanwhile, in Egypt, British Intelligence learns that Egyptian rebels, who want to force the British out sooner rather than later, are planning attacks on the extremely valuable and critical Suez Canal. Sgt. Malcolm Saunders and his squad of British Commandos are sent to solve the problem. Saunders, who fought the Germans in North Africa, is less than thrilled at the prospect of going back to the blistering desert. 

After arriving on the Arctic island, Dunn quickly determines he and his men must race across the island’s treacherous glacier, which is occupied not only by Nazi SS troops, but also by one of the world’s greatest and feared predators. What could possibly go wrong?

In book eight of the Sgt. Dunn WWII Action Thriller series, Munsterman, in his gripping page-turning style, alternately makes the reader shiver and sweat as he weaves story lines from the frozen Arctic to the scorching Egyptian desert. He continues to masterfully blend fiction and historical fact to create an action-packed plot.


Castle Breach (2017)


Neil Marston, the British spy from Operation Devil’s Fire and Saving Paris, is back. He’s impersonating an SS major assigned as a staff officer at the exclusive Hohenstein Castle, located south of Salzburg, Austria. The castle is known for elegantly hosting high level SS meetings throughout the war. He learns of a dinner meeting with no less than the Führer himself, who is making a rare appearance outside Germany. He advises England, and waits.

U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant Tom Dunn’s new assignment takes him and his men to Greece. The plan is to work with the Greek Resistance to destroy a German supply depot because the Germans are preparing to leave western Greece to face off against the Red Army steamrolling through the Balkans.

Marston’s request is approved and British Commando Sergeant Malcolm Saunders, recently married, earns the task of breaching the castle. His orders: kill the top Nazis who will be attending. Saunders and his squad rush to rehearse the attack and are then on their way to Austria.

At the castle, Hitler reveals surprising and exciting news. Another guest, a member of the Abwehr, Military Intelligence, presents the Führer with an intelligence coup that delights the dictator. Marston immediately recognizes the extreme danger it poses to the U.S. Army. He prays that Saunders arrives on time and can be flexible in his attack.

Saunders suddenly faces an impossible situation when things go deadly awry. He has no choice but to call for help from the one man who always delivers, Tom Dunn.

But Dunn has serious problems of his own in Greece.

Munsterman raises the stakes in book seven of the Sgt. Dunn WWII Action Thriller series. He takes the reader to the mountains of Austria and the coastline of Greece, blending history with an action-packed plot.


Rangers Betrayed (2016)


U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant Tom Dunn’s newest squad member has a dark secret. And a plan.

Nazi Germany’s V2 rockets are streaking down on London, indiscriminately killing civilians. The Allies are desperate to find out how the weapons work. Dunn and his British counterpart, Commando Sergeant Malcolm Saunders, are assigned separate, but related missions.

Albert Speer, the Nazi Minister of Armaments, is transporting ten completed V2 rocket engines to another manufacturing facility for installation into the deadly rockets. Thanks to Bletchley Park’s Ultra intelligence, the Allies know all about it. Dunn and his squad earn the assignment to intercept the rocket engines in western Germany.

Meanwhile, Saunders and his men parachute into Poland, south of Warsaw, to retrieve a captured V2 rocket gyroscope as well as schematics for the rocket obtained by the Polish Resistance. His wedding day is a week away and he promised Sadie he’ll be there on time, but something goes wrong. Separated from his squad, he scrambles to reunite with his men in time to catch the only way home, but meets one obstacle after another.

From their first moment in Germany, as Dunn’s men execute their mission, things go inexplicably wrong. Betrayed by one of his own, Dunn must rely on his quick thinking to get his men out of an impossible situation so they can complete their mission and capture the extremely valuable Nazi V2 rocket engines.

In the sixth book of the Sgt. Dunn series, Munsterman continues to masterfully blend history with action-packed plots in another of his fast-paced WWII Action Thrillers.

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