Sgt. Thomas Dunn

Date of birth: 15 June 1920, age in 1944: 24

Born and raised: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Height: 6'-2"

Weight: 183 pounds

Hair: Short, light brown

Eyes: Dark brown, capable of flashing in anger or twinkling with laughter.

Romatic interest: Pamela Hardwicke, a nurse from just south of Andover, England. Nursed Dunn after he was wounded (in the shoulder) saving the life of a trainee during a live fire exercise.

Siblings: "Two sisters. One older, Hazel. She’s married to a sailor who’s in the Pacific. And Gertrude.” He rolled his eyes. “She’s a senior in high school and thinks she knows everything.” He paused, thinking. “I guess she’s graduated now. I think maybe a week ago. Hopefully, I’ll get a letter from home about it, maybe a picture or two.”

Parents: Henry and Elizabeth Ann.

Best friend back home: Paul.

Best friend in the Army: Sgt. Dave Cross. (Cross was promoted between Operation Devil's Fire and Behind German Lines.)

United States Army Enlistment Date: 8 December 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. Dunn was one semster short of graduating from the University of Iowa.

Rank: Promoted to Technical Sergeant (five stripes with a T in the center)

Current Assignment: Army Ranger, Special missions squad leader.

Reports to: Colonel Mark Kenton.

Stationed: Camp Barton Stacey, near Andover, England, which is 60 miles southwest of London.

Awards: Bronze Star - North Africa action, led the attack that destroyed a German machinegun nest that was slaughtering Americans.

FAQs (answers by Ronn)

Q: Where did you get the name "Dunn?"

A: I don't recall exactly. I decided the last name should be one syllable, and "Bond, James Bond," was taken.

Q: Did you really come up with the idea for ODF in one moment?

A: Yes, the main plot about the Horten aircraft and the atomic bomb hit me while watching a History Channel show about the Horten brothers. The rest of the story took ages to uncover and plot. Yes, I PLOT my books. Contrary to what some people say, it's not an evil thing to plot the book.

Q: How long does it take to plot the entire story?

A: About three months. I use bullet point-style chapter descriptions, then fill in as I write. That's the fun part (for me) and the story sometimes takes off in a different, unexpected direction, which is why the plot is not set in stone. Update: now that I'm writing fulltime, it takes about 3 weeks.

Q: Do you really listen to your FIRST READERS?

A: You bet I do. All of my books are better books due to their honesty and help.

Q: How many Dunn books will there be?

A: As many as it takes to tell Dunn's stories!

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